Carissa The Mogul wears many hats, she’s a wife, mother and daughter and she still manages to successfully operate four businesses.  She’s results driven and self motivated, she states that “she wants to be a part of the solution and not the problem”!  Therefore, everything Carissa is doing has been self taught or learned through hard lessons in her businesses.  Carissa is a true believer of holding her sister’s hand, which is why she’s open to sharing how you too can be successful at one or all of these businesses just like her.  So ladies, no more pity parties of “I can’t do it like her” or “I’m a single mom” or “I don’t have the money”!  There’s a woman out here like Carissa making it happen everyday and so can YOU!

This masterclass will be one to remember! I want to empower other aspiring entrepreneurs to step out with the mindset of accomplishing their goals. Excuses are NOT allowed on this journey! Excuses will cause procrastination which leads to stagnation. We don’t have time to be stagnant. You don’t chase money…money chases you! This masterclass will get you started; however, it’s up to you to follow through & make it happen!

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