Together let’s journal and take control of your life. We will put in place a set of steps which will lead you to achieve your ultimate life goals! Journal your way to success, tap into your subliminal goals, while expanding your current territory! Accountability is the key to unlocking your potential!

Have you ever felt like accomplishing your dreams seems all to lofty?

Like maybe you’ve gone through too much to even pursue that business venture that’s been on your heart?

I want to encourage you by shedding light on some well-known figures who have all dealt with their share of hardships.

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Carissa has always had a love for hair, even at a very young age she remembers doing hair in her mom’s kitchen.  That didn’t last long, her mom said no more! So in 2009 Posh Studios was born and is doing well to date.  No doubt, Carissa is constantly evolving while building her brand and a six figure salon.  She’s renovating and relaunching a more innovative Posh Studio and offering more services. Carissa can teach you how to build your brand and how to run a 6 figure salon. Join the waitlist to learn more

How does one manage to look good while juggling multiple businesses?  Well, you create your own skincare line. A twenty year licensed cosmetologist, salon owner and qualified beauty expert Carissa is definitely acquainted with all things beauty. Be on the lookout for Beauty Secrets Essentials Skin Care, it’s in its final stages of cultivation. Want to know how you can create your very own skincare line, join our waitlist to know more. 

Founded in 2009, Posh Automotive taught Carissa that the car sales game is not ruled by men.  She can teach you how to obtain a dealers license and how to build an independent automotive dealership. To learn more join the waitlist.

A shipping support company was created in 2018, to facilitate the dealerships with vehicle transportation of additional inventory to and from auctions. The spike in shipping was induced by a high sales demand, implementing this system into the automotive industry was to help alleviate the rise in shipping cost. To learn more about the freight forwarding system join the waitlist

Carissa Hill-Ochi is a black female serial entrepreneur who believes in getting what she wants by creating a seat for herself at the table.  She’s not afraid of putting in the work to get what she wants. 

She successfully runs four businesses and looks good while doing so.  Her businesses consist of an array of industries from beauty to automotive to freight lining. How can she juggle all four businesses some wonder and still have time to teach others how to do the same. 

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